Question and answer

We are a full service architecture and interior firm with more than 10 years of experience.

What does a design agency do?

Our focus is always on design and functionality as the final product - developed by a process that involves multi disciplinary skills such as design strategy, creative thinking and talent. As a consulting firm, we engage in developing sales and marketing strategies, design branding, design project management and management executions of the design.Our craftsmanship combines the knowledge and experience in order to visualize ideas into a physical form with a strong expression and identity. We do it on a scale that allows us to manage projects within our team, and where we do not have to compromise our design intentions and integrity as designers and architects. 

Do KAZE have a specific design style?

Yes, we have - as passionate architects and designers, we all have our own style preferences, but we are heavily influenced by a Scandinavia sense of form and function. Our work reflects the world we are operating in. We work with the belief that any design expression must relate to the subject and be individually developed based on the task at hand.

Which is more important - style or concept?

Style AND concept! One never works without the other. An aesthetically pleasing solution, without underlying concept and structure are often momentary.  A good concept, without a complementary design style and strong expression, will often be disregarded. We always aspire to create long-lasting solutions, based on great ideas, well thought-out concepts and compelling design expressions.

What type of clients do KAZE work with?

We don’t have a preconceived idea about the type of clients we want to work with. Our focus is on the work and assignment and whether the project is interesting and we can contribute and add value. We are interested in engaging with all types of businesses and private clients. Our best works reflects the engagement and open-minded attitude from our clients, and the courage and trust to believe in our ability.

Are KAZE expensive?

Our fee is equal in measure to the quality in our work. We are professional, experienced, and talented at what we do. Our billing rates are both transparent and competitive.

How do you begin a project?

A brief = a competent preparation, dialogue is essential for an efficient process and a good result. Therefore, a thorough research and analysis phase (Schematic Design) is always the starting point for any of our projects.  Part of our work is to ask the right questions and challenge the present ‘expectations and opinions’ at any given task, so as to ensure that we come up with the best concept that covers all aspect of the given brief.

Can KAZE do everything?

No, we cannot. We focus on what we are best at. Throughout the years we have developed strong disciplines with a linear methodology and hard earned experience. We know our own limitations and we will never jeopardize our name. 
If we cannot answer your needs we consult with the most experienced companies in the market and are happy to recommend the best for your project.

What is KAZE’s background?

All our architects and designers has been hand picked and are encouraged to always strive for higher skills, mentored by KAZE’s Danish founder and owner, Fong Chan Zeuthen. She has a Masters in Architecture from the Academy of Architecture in Denmark and has been in Vietnam for 11 years. Ms Zeuthen has much experience in operating in this market. She has encouraged and groomed a team of 20 individuals that together forms the success of KAZE DESIGN STUDIO

“Apple to Apple” ??

We are NOT Contractors – and therefore, we ask you NOT to compare us as such. When you evaluate which design company you should use for your next project please keep this in mind. KAZE is an Architecture & Interior Design Company. 


Do KAZE do ‘free work’?

 We do not do ‘free work’ as it devalues our profession and the industry in general. We prioritize to give our time to our clients, to gain higher skills and competence. We take part in professional and ‘paid’ competitions which recognize that our work requires dialogue and adequate payment.

Difference between Interior Decor & Interior Design

 The difference relates to the scope of work performed and the level of education achieved. 

Interior Decorator

 Now-a-days obtaining an Interior Decorator qualification can be achieved by an online course. Being an Interior Decorator is more about having ‘eye’ to put things together. Typically you have good style and trendy taste, in line with current fashion. An Interior Decorator knows how to put fabric and colors together but will not perform any kind of structural work. They will suggest paint and wall paper for the wall, hang a nice lampshade and buy some expensive rugs. They will most likely have to do a lot of shopping and purchasing to achieve the ‘right’ look.

Interior Design

Describes a group of various yet related projects that involve turning an interior space into an‘effective setting for the range of human activities’. To be an Interior Designer you must obtain an academic degree. Interior design is a multifaceted profession that includes conceptual development, liaising with the client on a project and the management and execution of the design. It means that the Interior Designer also perform decoration as a part of the job to execute a full result. 

Do KAZE do Landscape Architecture?

 No we do not perform Landscape Architecture, but we collaborate with the best in the market. Land Sculpture (LLS) from Thailand is working with KAZE STUDIO on various projects, from large development to private Villas. We have been working together for 6 years and have benefitted from sharing the same space. We appear as one when we present ourselves. Our business models are complimenting each other. 

Does KAZE have all licenses to perform in Vietnam?

Yes, KAZE Co ltd Vietnam is a 100% foreign company that can perform Architectural & Interior Design. We hold indemnity insurance with liability up to 1.000.000 USD. All other work that needs to be performed as a part of our design will be executed by specialists, MEP work and structural engineering work, lighting and acoustic specialists.