Owners Villa

ADDRESS14B7 Thao Dien District 2, HCM City, Vietnam





KAZE Interior Design Studio and it owner gets to do her dream house. Though it’s not owned by her. She makes an effort to show how these houses has got so much potential for grand living. The design is a matter or Maximize the potential. A grand pool is placed upon arrival. The pool features Khoi fish and drizzling water. Good Feng Shui. A 12 meter high skylight is placed above and ensuring natural light is let in.

A state of the Art kitchen where only invited Michelin Chef are cooking, beside the owner itself. The kitchen is made in Walnut Veneer. Floor tiles are selected in a cold grey finish that runs through the house as a carpet and unified the ground floor. A large living room with Danish design icon furniture are place in the space as art pieces and as functional furniture. This is Danish living in a Asian country.