Leo Burnett Vietnam Office


ADDRESSRiver Garden, District 2 HCM City

DEVELOPERSaatchi Saatchi. Operator: Leo Burnett



MEMBERDuy Linh, FC. Zeuthen

KAZE Interior Design Studio created a funky office for Leo Burnett.

Leo Burnett, one of world’s leading marketing agencies, is known for its creativity and the office had to capture this. KAZE interior Design Studio gave it 100% design craziness. The look reflects Vietnam but also Leo Burnett. Green is their colour and so green we used. Graphic, black human sized pencils, green grass and plants are all part of the office decoration. Funky design booths installed for creative collaboration and a large “star bar” with a pole at its center - one of their trademarks. 

It seems crazy designs are easier for a Vietnamese contractor to do… scary!