Riviera Cove Villa

ADDRESSDistrict 9, HCMC, Vietnam

DEVELOPERKeppeland Vietnam



MEMBERDang Viet Khoa

KAZE Interior Design Studio designed a family house for 5 members Plus a dog. The house is build up around family time. The Kitchen is the center of living and social gathering. A small corner was made with computer and play corner right next to the Kitchen so the kids can do their homework without being alienated in a room upstairs.

The Kitchen contains 2 ovens so one, can both make Pizza and a roast at the same time. Sofa seating is placed right next to the Kitchens area so it’s a relaxed area where kids games and craft can be made. The dining area is in the very end as this is only in use when dining guests are invited.

Large TV and Play room are upstairs and rooms for Kids are hardly being used. All social events are made downstairs. Parents room, walk in closet and bathroom is made “an suite” and the Shower is pushed out to the Terrace. The shower in the morning is like waking up in a resort.

Materials are in wood throughout the entire house. In that sense, it reflect the Nordic touch and idea of our heritage.